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Fashion History and Wardrobe Management

Sole Creator | iOS / macOS (SwiftUI)

Jan 2023 - Present

StyleLegacy is a fashion organizational and educational tool that encourages people to think more deeply about the apparel and accessories they wear everyday. 

iPhone 15 Pro.png

The Value of a Rich Information Architecture

I've designed StyleLegacy with an Information Architecture (IA) that highlights the connections among apparel, fashion elements, designers, and otherwise notable personalities in the fashion industry.

Once the user adds a new item to their wardrobe, the next step is to classify and sub-classify it so the system knows how it's worn and relates to the greater fashion world

Apparel Classification

Recognize Fashion's Historical Significance

A garment as simple as a Poet Blouse has a rich history associated with it - subclassifications, geographic regions, notable persons, and its trending popularity through the 20th century all contextualize its meaning today. 

Although much of the descriptive text was initially generated with the help of GPT-4, the information must not be generated on-demand, so it can be fact-checked and curated over time.

Fashion History Analysis

The Value of macOS for a Creative Workshop

The complexity of managing an entire wardrobe is akin to project management tasks, greatly enhanced by the expansive screen space of ipadOS and macOS.

Cross-platform components in SwiftUI allow for significant shared code by allowing the OS to determine how the information is displayed to the user. For instance, the new Inspector component is displayed as a sheet in iOS 17, but as an additional sidebar in macOS 14

Cross-Platform Inspectors on macOS 14

On-Device Image Processing

Before 2023, using an external API such as was common to handle background removal; however, recent improvements in the AppleOS Vision framework support on-device background removal.

One major next step for me is investigating the hypothesis that image classification can identify the correct sub-classification of a clothing garment.

Easy BG Removal

Apple Set.png
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