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Concussion Testing for Sports Organizations

Junior iOS (UIKit) Developer | HeadCheck Health

May 2019 - June 2021

HeadCheck Health is a tech start-up founded in 2013 that provides end-to-end solutions to execute concussion protocols, mitigate risk, and support athlete recovery.

Initially at HeadCheck, I bridged the gap between our outsourced mobile development agency and our product manager, focusing on assessing the QA process. My analysis revealed that the core problems stemmed from development shortcomings, not QA. Consequently, we shifted focus to development, hired a senior developer, and internalized the project.


Improving Scalability and System Architecture

Over the following year, the senior iOS developer and I gradually migrated this iOS legacy codebase (that lacked both standard patterns and reusable components) into a more standard MVVM UIKit architecture.

This migration allowed for the standardization of a design system and lower implementation time for adding new features. For instance, adding a new concussion assessment to the system initially took days and did not allow for the re-ordering of components; now, driven by a simple JSON file to indicate screen structure, a new assessment would often take mere hours to implement and send to QA. 

Architecting and Implementing New Features

After learning the basics of iOS development, my senior gave me the opportunity to design and implement three significant new features: 'Return to Play,' a new athlete profile page, and the Manager Product.

To complete these tasks, I first white-boarded screens, then presented architecture plans, and finally implemented via a series of PRs with formal code reviews.

Notably, before every feature's official release, I provided an instructional demo to the entire company, explaining how the new feature works and its benefits.

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