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Ballroom Marketplace


Consumer Marketplace for Ballroom Dance Performance Costumes

Sole Creator | iOS (UIKit)


Competitive Ballroom dance is a personal passion of mine, and I've seen first hand how people struggle to source their competitive costumes. In 2022, I created a platform enabling people to post and seek out competitive ballroom dancewear. 

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Usability Highlight: Specific Measurements

Although the ballroom costume guidelines follow an international standard, marketplaces such as Facebook do not encourage the use of and filtering for specific sizing information

This specific sizing is crucial for items like ball gowns and tail suits that need precise fitting. The issue mirrors the broader retail dilemma, where standard sizes (XS, M, L) vary internationally and don't account for diverse body proportions.

Therefore, my platform enables sellers to provide detailed measurements, allowing buyers to filter garments more precisely.

Tech Highlight: JSON Driven Screen Structures

My JSON-driven template system allows a person with no coding experience to add a new item type to the application.

Since the inclusion and order of the components in our forms are determined by JSON data stored on the web server, new item templates can also be added/edited without a new app release. Furthermore, all our image assets are stored on the server and so can be updated without a new app release.

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